Stand Alone Alarms

Stand Alone Alarm


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The Stand Alone Emergency Alarm is ideal for construction sites, temporary sites such as large marquees, camp sites and the like. It is commonly used where installation of a permanent emergency system is not required, practical or cost effective. The unit is powered by a 9V battery and activates a sounder and bright red strobe when activated by a simple push button. The bright red moulded ABS plastic enclosure is tough and durable while being easily identifiable in an emergency. The unit is fast to install and doesn’t require any wiring (unless you wish to interconnect multiple units together). You can interconnect a maximum of up to 25 units together if you choose for larger sites and premises using just a 2 wire cable.

  • Quick to Install
  • Push Button Activated
  • Inbuilt Strobe
  • 9V Battery Operated
  • Interconnect up to 25 units together (2 core cable required)
  • Bright Red ABS Plastic Enclosure
  • 9V battery not included

Dimensions - W165mm x D110mm x H280mm
Sound Output - 110dB
Weight - 1kg