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Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher 2.0kg


Price Excludes GST

Ideal for a small business or medium sized vehicle. Used on Class A Fires - Wood, Paper and Plastics, Class B Fires - Flammable Liquids, Class C Fires - Flammable Gases and Class E Fires - Energised Electrical Equipment. Complete with a metal Vehicle Bracket.
Steel cylinder powder coated red with large easy to use handles.

This extinguisher is refillable

Powder content is Mono-Ammonium Phosphate ABE type (85% MAP content).

Rating: 3A:30B:E

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher 2.0kg


Price Excludes GST

Suitable for small vehicles or kitchens. Used on Class B Fires - Flammable Liquids and Class E Fires - Electrical. Complete with a Wall Bracket. Carbon dioxide is discharged as a white gas cloud, which smothers the fire.

Rated for Class B and E fires, this clean, non-contaminating odorless gas is ideal as clean up is not required.

This extinguisher is refillable

Complies with Australian/New Zealand Standard 1841:6

Rating: 2B:E

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All the equipment Fire Extinguishers Online offer has been manufactured to the highest quality and complies to the Australian & New Zealand’s standard 1841:5.

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Dry Powder

Multi purpose Dry Chemical, covers all normal classes of fire ABE

  • 0.3kg DP: for use on motorbikes, chainsaws & lawnmowers etc.
  • 1kg DP: for use in camper vans, cars, small domestic kitchens etc.
  • 1.5kg DP: for use on buses, small kitchens, service vans etc.
  • 2KG DP: for use in office areas, kitchens, small trucks, home garage or workshop, retail shops etc.
  • 2.5KG DP: for use in small commercial workshops, kitchens office areas, medium sized trucks etc. & storage areas within 210 Sq Metres
  • 4.5Kg DP: for use in workshops, large offices, warehousing, larger trucks etc.
  • 6Kg DP: for use in workshops, large offices, warehousing etc.
  • 9KG DP: same as 4.5dp but also fuel stations, bigger warehouses, workshops or dangerous goods store etc.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide covers electrical, fuel and flammable liquids fires, advantage is no residue

  • 2kg CO2: for use in small workshops, welding areas, service bays for vehicles, server or computer rooms
  •  3.5KG CO2: same as above but more capacity
  •  5KG CO2: same as above but more capacity again

Wet Chemical

For use on hot fats and oils F Class, will work on A class fires as well(Deep fat fryers specifically)

  • 2L Wet Chem: small deep fat fryers, takeaway bars etc
  • 7L Wet Chem: larger deep fat fryers, fish and chip shops large commercial kitchens


For use on fuel fires, good for motor racing, tyres, A class fires, not suitable for electrical.

  • 9L Foam: As above


Works on paper, Timber, Textiles only

  • 9L Water/Gas: for use on timber, A class storage areas as above, not suitable for fuel or electrical